TOP 3 best engine oils

What are the criteria for choosing engine oil?

So, you have decided to purchase engine oil. Which brand to choose? How not to make a mistake and not to burn out? In order to help you make your choice, we have collected the best engine oils on this list. To this end, we have analyzed dozens of brands of motor oils, including the most popular brands, as well as less common in Russian and foreign markets.

In total there are three types of best motor oil brand: synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral. Each car model has its own engine and its own type of engine oil. It all depends on which car you use. We advise you to consult a specialist, or find out on the Internet what type of motor oil is right for your brand of car.

For many of you, value for money comes first. Most of the models presented in the list for this very reason deserve the sympathy of users and their high ratings on forums and on Yandex Market. It is these indicators that were taken into account when compiling the TOP-10 of the best motor oils according to the results of the vote in 2017, so the rating turned out to be truly popular.

TOP 3 best engine oils

Motul Specific dexos2 5W30 5 L

This brand of synthetic engine oil is ideal for diesel and gasoline vehicles. Oil instantly spreads over the engine and immediately begins to envelop gears and other mechanisms, thereby reducing the friction and drag forces, which can slow down the operation of the automobile engine. The oil retains its usual viscosity even at low air temperatures, which is especially important for Russian users, especially those living in regions with cold winters.

Castrol Edge 5W-30 4 L

Castrol is considered one of the best manufacturers of synthetic motor oils. With it, you can lower the noise level while driving the engine mechanisms. With it, the signals will arrive faster, and the acceleration of the car will become smoother. Motor oil will also help to significantly save the amount of gasoline consumed during the trip, in addition, it retains its viscosity in all weather conditions, including during severe frosts, during which some oils freeze and the car stalls.

MOBIL 1 ESP Formula 5W-30 4 L

The Mobil brand oil not only provides reliable engine protection, but also leaves all the main parts clean. The oil is designed to save combustible fuel, as well as to filter harmful emissions from the exhaust pipe into the atmosphere. This product will help you improve all the performance indicators of your car.

In addition, it is perfectly adapted to work in different temperature conditions, including during severe winter colds. The oil retains its viscosity and helps to quickly warm up the engine, even if the car has stood in the cold for a long time.

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